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Welcome to the Hottest name in workout wear!

It is our mission to provide you with outstanding gymnastics leotards, made with fun fabrics, consistent fits, priced competitively and manufactured to last long after the gymnast has outgrown it. Check back often! We are always adding new items!

Our Story

It all began in 1996, when three little girls wanted to choose pretty fabrics for their amateur seamstress Mother to turn into new gymnastics outfits to wear to practice. One homemade leotard turned into two and then three and soon, other girls at the gym started asking for leotards like the little girls – Jessica, Alicia and Melanie – had. What started as a fun activity quickly grew into something much bigger and there were soon so many requests for leotards that the back of the family minivan served as a makeshift boutique for girls to “shop” after practice. It was in the back of that red Nissan Quest that Jamwear was born, the leotards that Jessica, Alicia and Melanie wear.

For more than 20 years, Jamwear has been manufacturing high quality gymnastics leotards beloved by gymnasts of all levels across the globe, from recreational through to collegiate athletes. Just like in the very beginning, everything we make is manufactured locally in St Paul Minnesota, USA by fairly paid employees. We pride ourselves on paying a living wage.

Our Office

Jamwear Leos, Inc.
P.O. Box 11509 St. Paul, MN 55111